My Bucket List

Here are some things that I would like to do before I die ("kick the bucket") no particular order


1. Sail on a Passenger Commercial Cruise ship


2. Ride a Passenger Commercial Train (Amtrak)


3. Ride on a Jet boat


4. Helicopter Ride


5. Horseback Riding


6. Small Private Plane Ride


7. Fly a plane by myself


8. Jet Airplane Ride


9. Snow Skiing


10. Canoeing on a River


11. Waterskiing


12. Ride on a Ferry Boat


13. Sailing on a Sailboat


14. Ride a Small Train


15. Trip to New York City


16. Trip to Washington D.C.


17. Trip to California


18. Take a Trip some place outside of the United States


19. Whitewater Rafting