My Genealogy - Gallup (Gallop) and Williams

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Williams Side Direct Lineage

Gallup Side Direct Lineage

Overall Gallup Lineage (Web Version)   Overall Gallup Lineage (PDF)


I am Related to:

Captain Myles Standish of the Pilgrims (Williams Side)

Gallup Map Company, Downtown Kansas City, Missouri (Gallup Side)

Gallup Floral Company, AND Gallup Park AND Gallup Street in Littleton, Colorado (Gallup Side)

Gallup, New Mexico (Gallup Side)

The Gallup Poll Organization (Gallup Side)

Gallup Lake Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Gallup Side)

George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President) and George Walker Bush (43rd President) (Gallup Side)

Emil Dickinson (Famous American Poet) (Gallup Side)